English Border Morris and Molly Dancing
Amy Baldwin

Morris dancers usually appear in the spring and summer wearing bells on their legs and clashing sticks or waving handkerchiefs in time to the music. Part of the larger English Morris tradition, border Morris is the wild stick-dance style done in the region of the England-Wales border, while Molly is the English East coast Morris tradition more related to country dancing.

Join us for simple and exciting dances from the best of folk England. For further information, please see our website at madmolly.wordpress.com or email us at madmolly@bacds.org

Amy Baldwin comes from a dancing family. She has been an international folk dancers since 1971 and a Morris and longsword dancer since 1984. She has taught at numerous folk dance clubs, community groups and school groups on the East coast and in the Bay Area. Founded by Amy in 1996, Mad Molly has been astounding audiences in the Bay Area with their rag skirts, painted faces, and wild styles.