Music and Song Workshops

Swedish Folk Music: The Polska
Aaron Seeman
Klezmer Scales & Melodies
Aaron Seeman & Mike Penny
Folk Tunes of Northern Italy
Achille & Nicola Bocus
Authentic Italian Mandolin
Achille & Nicola Bocus
Irish Songs and Ballads
Amelia Hogan and Ray Frank
Irish Slow Session
Ann McChesney-Young & Jason Pollack
Contra Dance Band Workshop (2 hours)
Art Peterson & Ann McChesney-Young
Songs of Peace and War
Barbara Dane
Songs of the Copper Family
Bill Moore
Introduction to Dobro
Brad Bechtel
Cross-Tuned Fiddle Jam
Carol Denney
Learn to Sing Barbershop Harmony
Charles Feltman
Thumb-Picking Guitar
Clem Small with Matt Small
Concertina (2 hours)
Carol Denney & Jack Gilder
Circle Singing
DJ Hamouris
Songs of Kate Wolf
Don Murdoch & Marlene McCall
An Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Don Price
Songs in Rise Up Singing
Ed Hilton
Songs of Utah Phillips
Ed Hilton
Exploring Different Tunings & Tonality
Eli Jebidiah
Folk Songs of Women's History
Estelle Freedman
Gospel Sing-Along
Jerry Michaels & Marian Gade
Beginning Guitar for Kids and Adults
Hali Hammer
Beginning Lead Guitar for Folk Players
Johnny Harper
Songs of the Sea & Sea Shanties
Jim Partridge
Folk & Roots-Rock Styles In Today’s World
Johnny Harper
Russian Folk Songs & Beyond
Jonnie Pekelny
Singing Rounds in Circles!
Lani Hermann
Jewish Folk Songs
Lil Rev
Gone But Not Forgotten
Marisa Malvino
Marcus Duskin
Yiddish Songs of Love & Work
Mark Levy
Memorizing Songs
Marlene McCall
Acoustic Bass
Matt Small w/ Clem Small & Steve Swan
DADGAD Guitar Chords and Songs
Megan McLaughlin
Traditional Japanese Folk Music on Any Instrument
Mike Penny
Harmonica Convergence
Paul Herzoff
Shape Note Singing
Peter Ross & Gary Breitbard
Put a Little Flash in Your Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar
Phil Campbell
Bowing Ideas for Old-Time Fiddle
Ray Bierl
Ballads and Love Songs of the British Invasion
Roan Michaels
The (Almost) Perfect Song: Bring Your Candidate(s)
Ray Bierl
Flash Mob Choir
Tony Elman
Traditional Ballads
Sadie Damascus
How to Make a Professional CD
Wendy DeWitt
Clawhammer Guitar
Michael Stadler