Klezmer Scales & Melodies
Aaron Seeman & Mike Penny

Learn about the scales that give Klezmer music its sounds. Bring instruments if you've got them for some on hands on Klezmer experience.

Aaron Seeman has been playing klezmer on accordion for 10-15 years, as well as writing music inspired by Jewish and klezmer music. He plays accordion in The Red Hot Chachkas, was a founding member of Fishtank Ensemble, plays accordion in "Polkacide", and solo accordion under the stage name "Duckmandu." He leads a monthly accordion workshop at the Accordion Apocalypse (accordion repairs and sales) in San Francisco. The workshop subjects alternate between klezmer, Swedish folk music, punk rock, rock, and Balkan music. Over the course of each workshop, the class learns about the accordion, the music at hand, and learns to play a song on the subject of the workshop. He has been leading accordion workshops for seven years.

Mike Penny first began learning and playing klezmer music in late 2006 when he joined the California-based gypsy group, Fishtank Ensemble, in which Aaron Seeman was performing at the time. On his own, he continued to learn staple pieces of the klezmer repertoire and worked to try and recreate as much of the idiosyncratic phrasing and conventions of the style as possible on the Tsugaru shamisen.