Introduction to Dobro
Brad Bechtel

An introduction to the Dobro® or resophonic guitar, lap style. We’ll cover holding the guitar and bar, picks, tuning, scales, chords, and easy songs. Participants will need a guitar (either a squareneck or regular guitar with a Hawaiian nut adapter, available at most guitar stores) tuned to open G tuning (bass to treble G B D g b d), and a steel bar to slide upon the strings.

Brad Bechtel sings and plays steel guitar with Go Van Gogh (eclectic electric klezmer) and the Faux Hawaiians (old time Hawaiian, folk, blues, and jazz of the 1920s and 1930s). He also is the creator of Brad’s Page of Steel, the oldest steel guitar related web site on the internet. He's been playing lap steel, both electric and acoustic, since the 1970s.