Songs in Rise Up Singing
Ed Hilton

Rise Up Singing, a Sing Out publication, is the most popular folk music songbook in the US. Teaching CDs are available, making it possible to learn all 1200 songs. It is also the songbook most loved by many members of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, whose festival you are attending if you are coming to this workshop. Let's get together and sing the songs we love from the book we love. Bring a song to lead or make a request.

Ed Hilton does not know all 1200 of the songs in Rise Up Singing, but he knows a lot of them, and so do others who will be in attendance. He likes to sing around the campfire, the living room and the workshop... wherever people get together to make music for each other. He is also President of the San Francisco Folk Music Club and hopes that you will join us at our festivals, campouts, gatherings in homes and performances. All levels of musical experience are welcome.