Exploring Different Tunings & Tonality
Eli Jebidiah

For many people, songs are often inspired by the instruments that they play. Understanding the tonal palette of each instrument will help you discover the unwritten songs and melodies in your creative pool. The tonal range of any instrument is much broader than most folks realize. Once you introduce non-traditional tunings in the picture, this range expands even further. Whether you play banjo, guitar, mandolin, lap steel, or anything else, come discover the unexplored sonic corridors of your instrument!

Eli Jebidiah is a multi instrumentalist who plays acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, lap steel, dobro, and mandolin in Poor Man's Whiskey. Well rounded in multiple genres of music, Eli has developed a keen sense of crafting tones in a variety of musical settings. Employing the use of acrylic finger nails, he is fluent in finger picking and flat picking styles. An experienced recording artist, session musician and teacher, Eli has been fortunate to tour the world playing music with Poor Man's Whiskey, and with his solo project, Huckle.