Beginning Guitar for Kids AND Adults
Hali Hammer

Too many times people who know how to play guitar forget all the steps it took them to get there. Hali recognizes how hard it is to understand what you're doing if a small piece of the puzzle has been left out. Come with any questions you have, and she'll do all I can to answer them. She'll have a couple of loaner guitars, but people should bring their own or borrow one beforehand if possible so there are enough for each participant.

Hali will go over elementary basics so that beginners can get an understanding of WHY fingers go on a certain fret to tune and will answer any questions beginners have. She can also get into less basic skills depending on the people attending the class — but no beginner will be left behind!

Hali Hammer has been playing guitar for 45 years and still remembers her early attempts and frustrations while learning how to play. She is an award-winning singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist, and plays electric bass and sings with Jump-In, which does "Folk & Oldies". She also plays occasional gigs with groups of widely divergent genres: rock & roll, cowboy music, Motown. What kind of music does she like? Good! Hali is also a special ed teacher in Berkeley and plays a lot of music with the students at school, both in her class and in the general ed population.  More info at