Songs of the Sea & Sea Shanties
Jim Partridge

Sea shanties were the work songs of sailors before the invention of steam driven ships. They were used to coordinate the hoisting of sails, general hauling, and work at the capstan (raising the anchor), among others shipboard duties. We will briefly describe the different types of shanties and their use, and examples will be given, but the workshop will primary consist of as much singing as possible. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.

Jim Partridge has been one of the regular suspects committing folk music in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for many years now. He can be found at the Hyde St. Pier singing sea songs and shanties, and trolling the docks of San Francisco in search of his other bandmates, The Roving Tars, who by their very nature, are roving. He has also been seen recently in the company of the men of Brass Farthing, singing Victorian Music Hall songs. Approach him with extreme caution, as he has been known to harmonize with complete strangers with no provocation whatsoever.