Gone But Not Forgotten
Marisa Malvino

Let’s give a nod towards the songwriters that have touched our lives and hearts. I will be sharing some of my favorites and will invite participants to do the same. Their spirits live on through their music: Hank Williams, Jerry Garcia, Jim Croce, Jimi Hendrix, John Denver, John Lennon, Kate McGarrigle, Laura Nyro, Malvina Reynolds, Warren Zevon... (Because of limited time, please sing Kate Wolf and Utah Phillips songs in the festival workshops devoted to their music.)

Marisa has been a San Francisco folkie for over 20 years and has always appreciated the folk process and the honesty and beauty of acoustic music. She's especially grateful for the songwriters who provide the words that help us express what's in our hearts and souls – from the Tin Pan Alley era to the 21st century.