The Faith Petric Stage
Location: Auditorium

You can find links to many of our performers, including track samples on our MySpace Page.

Each day starts with performers from our Family Program.

Saturday, June 12th
12:00 Martenichki
Bulgarian Children's Dance Group
12:10 Music & Movement
12:50 Tutti Frutti Italian Musical Commedia
Jim Letchworth
1:30 Original songs for the whole family
Cooper & Bounds
2:10 Comic Singing Storyteller
Uncle Eye
3:00 Hali Hammer Band
Long-time SF Folk Music Clubber & pals perform friendly engaging originals
3:40 Don Burnham & the Bolos
Amusing Western Swing originals from our favorite Yosemite ranger
4:20 Faith Petric
The folk singer we all want to be when we grow up

Cozy old-time bluegrass or as they like to say: simple music played by complicated people

5:40 C4EO
Chinese Dance
6:00 Vintage Invaders
where the old dances invade a new generation
6:20 Berkeley Morris Dance
Morris dancing is English ritual dancing performed during the spring to bring fertility to the soil and drive away the spirits of winter. We wear bells, wave hankies, and clash sticks.
7:00 Family Lines
Centered on exquisite vocal harmonies, this family trio delivers a riveting performance that includes guitars, banjo, mandolin and old-time fiddle. One family gathering you won't want to miss!
7:40 Jugtown Pirates
Good time street corner troubadours plays even the lowliest transit stop like they are headlining Carnegie Hall

15 minute break

8:40 Sylvia Herold & friends
Consummate pros playing songs from all over the musical universe with love and passion
9:20 Barbara Dane with Johnny Harper
Bay Area legend delivering hard-charging blues and classic folk for over 50 years
10:00 Lil Rev
Called a "Wisconsin treasure" by UWM Folk Center. All the way from Milwaukee!


Sunday, June 13th
12:00 Princess & The Pirate
Princess Suska & Pirate Mordecai
12:45 Sing A-Long Puppet Show
Tin Cup Puppets
1:40 Chicken Lips & Lizard Hips Sing-A-Long
Nancy Cassidy
2:30 Mokai
Distinctive modern folk blues with socially conscious originals
3:10 Jude Reseigne
Say what you will about him, this fixture of local music scene three plus decades can flat out sing!

Yeah, you heard it right. The shamisen and accordion duo from Fishtank Ensemble

4:30 World Harmony Chorus
This community chorus' repertoire is from all over the world music map. A festival fav year in and year out
5:10 Jubilee American Dance Theatre
Transports you to another time and place, through its rich weaving of stories, songs, dance, and music
5:50 Red Hot Chachkas
Klezmer innovators who play red hot Jewish dance music
6:30 Poor Man's Whiskey
Eccentric impossibly talented high energy band beaming bluegrass to a whole other galaxy. The Parliment/Funkadelic of old-time music
7:10 Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
A company dedicated to keeping alive the spirit and form of Scottish dances, old and new
7:40 Rasa Vitalia
Dance Artist. Highly creative & inspired artistic bellydance
  15 minute break
8:10 Jazz Gitan
Exceptional gypsy jazz trio from Sacramento bringing the Django sound to life
8:50 Jou Jou
A 4 woman quartet specializing in soulful songs of the Eastern European diaspora
9:30 Matthew Montfort
Ancient Future duet featuring scalloped fretboard guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort