Pete Seeger Stage
Location: room #107

You can find links to many of our performers, including track samples on our MySpace Page.

  Saturday, June 12th Sunday, June 13th
12:30 Lighthouse String Band
Four friends sharing their love of Irish, Scottish, and Old-time music.
The Dulcimates
The DulciMates are DJ Hamouris and Buffalo (aka: John Brownson). You will hear swirling old-time harmonizing and expertly played mountain dulcimer.
1:00 Riz Orkestra
Riz is a talented one-man-band who hails from LA. Part one of a four part jug band block.
Ariel Eisen
This is what I know: this youngster hails from Honolulu, and possesses a distinctive voice and an interesting, articulate musical vision.
1:30 Mugg Muggles
Mugg is known best as a wash tub bass player. But he is a highly skilled street corner troubadour who knows a million songs. Part two of our jug band thingy.
Jo D'Anna
Jo's many years on the California songwriting circuit show. Her original songs have an easy, self-assured quality and show a decided 60s pop influence.
2:00 Dennis Campagna
Don't be dismayed by Dennis' lack of web presence. Trust me that you're in for some fine singing and guitar playing on some great jug/swing era songs and a few originals to tickle your fancy. Our third jug head.
Ben de la Cour
Literary, moody and hauntingly melodic in an early Leonard Cohen kind of way.
2:30 Quake City Jug Band
Happy, rollicking, crowd-pleasers with a gaggle of songs that'll have you wondering where the heck they get all those amazing numbers. The final act of our jug band mini-fest.
Marc Cogman
How do you sum up a guy who sings complex, emotionally available tunes in a one liner blurb? His songs have a directness and a driving insistence.
3:00 Calaveras
Three very talented singer songwriters who have found a real musical affinity with each other. Contemporary folk originals in the James Taylor/John Denver vein.
Special Harp Workshop and Showcase
We’ll look at and listen to several different diatonic (do-re-mi) harps. Jacqueline Lynaugh, aka The Blue Fairy, is a storyteller whose wire-strung clarsach replicates the harp played by the Irish and Scottish harpers of the old Gaelic order. Kay Nienhuis plays a Paraguayan harp, a descendant of harps brought by the conquistadores to the new world. Workshop facilitator, Patrice Haan, plays a levered harp that might be described as Neo-Celtic with gothic influences. Come hear music old and new played upon the most lovely of instruments!
3:30 Laura & Darin Smith
An award-winning brother and sister duo of string virtuosos from Potter Valley who specialize in Celtic, old-time, and classical styles.
4:00 Mission Three-Tribute to the BAND
Mike Wolf, Chris Reiter, and Jimmy Sweetwater play accurate and moving covers of some of the best BAND songs and throw in a few of their own for good measure.
Ray Bierl
He's not what you call flashy and in your face. But his unassuming, honest delivery will win you over the way he won over Tom Waits, Laurie Lewis, and our discerning pal, Chuck Poling.
4:30 JL Stiles
Take dazzling guitar aptitude informed by Blind Blake and the Piedmont School, and fuse it with a contemplative and deeply felt indy sensibility, and you get some idea of what this young man's original tunes are all about.
Traditional Scottish and Irish songs, well-played and well-sung.
5:00 Amanda West
Sun-soaked hills off the Northern California coast, while dark storm clouds loom in the distance. That gives a taste of the muse inhabiting her thoughtful original songs.
Philip Gibbs
Lively rhythmic Americana originals from gifted Austin songwriter.
5:30 Laura Zucker
Award winning singer-songwriter out of Lafayette, California.
Miena Yoo
Her delivery is disarmingly direct and emotional. Traditional Korean folk melodies mingle with contemporary acoustic sounds. I noticed she's a few thousand more fans on her myspace than she had when she first played the SF FFFest lo those many years ago.