The market place is in the first floor hallways. Please support our vendors.

Food may be purchased from the courtyard.

Thin Man Music
Providing experienced sales and repair of all types of new, used, and hard-to-find folk instruments. And, of course, strings!
My Barefoot Books

Inkza Crafts Store
Unique hand crafted jewelry, weavings and house ornaments from Ecuador and Mexico.

Tangerine Gifts & Accessories
Leo Peressi Alpaca Garments
The Alpaca fiber is the easiest of fibers to dye, resulting in a tremendously rich looking yarn. Alpaca is one of the softest fibers and the most breathable, making it very enjoyable to wear.
David Lehrer Guitars
Saturday only.

If you're interested in being a non-food vendor, contact Charlotte at Our current terms are: 5% of everything sold over $100.

Food vendors, please contact Current terms are 10% of gross sales.