Dance Parties
Enjoy an evening out with live bands and fun dance styles!
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Location: Gymnasium

Saturday Evening Dances

6:15 — 7:50: International Dance!

International Folk Dance Band - music from Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, the Balkans, Greece, Israel, and the US. Meryl Lee Corcoran; Gary Breitbard; Ned Gault; Jena Rauti; Pete Showman; Sue Ellen Porter; Dave Bogdanoff; Chiara Bos.

Break from 7:50 to 8:05pm.

8:05 — 10:00: A Vintage Ballroom Dance
with the Brassworks and PEERS

Join Frank Beau Davis and the Brassworks and callers James and Cathleen Myers of PEERS for an informal but elegant evening of vintage ballroom dancing. Dance beautiful rotary waltzes, Viennese Waltzes, polkas, mazurkas (or hambos), schottisches, vintage tangos and foxtrots, vintage Swing, English country dances, reels, mixers, and other popular couple and set dances of the 19th and 20th centuries. Dance everything from the beautiful Congress of Vienna Waltz to the cool Big Apple! All set and pattern dances will be briefly taught or called.

Sunday Evening Dance

6:30 — 9:30: Contra and Square Dance!

Modern American Contra and Square Dance: flowing and fun moves, danced to Early American and Celtic live music. No partner needed. All dances taught and prompted. All experience levels welcome. Dance Callers: Celia Ramsey, Mavis McGaugh, Kelsey Hartman, Ric Goldman, Jim Saxe.

Break from 7:55 to 8:10pm.

Open Band led by Art Peterson & Ann McChesney-Young, and the Contra Band Music Class.