Bob Reid

Bob Reid has been performing for children since 1976 when he began working with the Monterey Museum of Art's Museum on Wheels. He moved to Santa Cruz and became one of the SPECTRA program’s original Artists in the Schools in 1980, was a weekly guest on KUSP's "Saturday's Child" children's program for several years, hosted KTEH's, PBS station's "Kid's Clubhouse" from 1990-94. He has performed at festivals, in schools, and in concerts across the country. In 2003-2004 performed several times at United Nation's Headquarters in New York, performed in concert with Pete Seeger at Foothill College. He has been a member of the San Francisco Folk Music Club for over 40 years. His songs have been sung on the Today Show, at the White House, and have been recorded by numerous artists. He chose to work with children after a career of playing for adults because he "believed that was where the work needed to be done. Most adults have given up on the world being what they thought it was supposed to be. Children still believe that you are supposed to do the right thing. I found my energies were much better put to use in schools where I found a battle of the spirit in process. I wanted to make sure I got in on the right side.”