Musical Storytelling
Boundless Gratitude

Boundless Gratitude weaves colorful tapestries of original and traditional folk music and stories that rock gently back and forth between lively, danceable rhythms and peacefully enchanting lullabies. Favorites include "Where Did the People Go," a musical retelling of "Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky;" "The Ant-stronaut Song" about the ant who's gonna cross the universe; BG's lively version of "Follow the Drinking Gourd;" and his original musical story about the little brown mousey who is "Lighting the Lamp of Peace."

Listeners generally describe his music as calming, whether he's crooning a mellow ballad, rocking an up-tempo foot-tapper, or laying down a spiritual or political folk song. BG attributes this to his diligent approach to the four steps of Zen Guitar: wear the white belt; pick up you guitar; tune; and play. His wife attributes it to many years of singing children to sleep. "Everything he sings is a lullaby," she says.

Hassaun Ali Jones-Bey was christened at birth with a Muslim name in a Nazarene church and grew up in a West Indian household in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. After searching through just about every religious tradition he encountered, and also through a wide range of careers, Hassaun claims music as his religion, vocation, and therapy, because of its heavenly harmonies and earthy rhythms. Whenever Hassaun plays music, he introduces himself as Boundless Gratitude. He can be found online at