Argentine Folkloric Dance
Pampa Cortes

The Argentine folk dances we're teaching are El Gato and La Chacarera. These dances are playful and flirtatious. Couples circle each other in a quick waltz-based rhythm in set choreographies. Men perform short tap sequences (zapateo) while the women swish full skirts (zarandeo). No taps, please.

International Argentine dance star Pampa Cortés hails from Santiago del Estero, Argentina. His long and illustrious career includes performing and choreographing for both Argentine tango and folkloric shows. He is Artist in Residence for Tango & More Argentine Dance in San Francisco, California. The Maestro shares his fifty years experience as a performer, choreographer, director, and teacher with audiences and students in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Central & South America. Clean footwork and elegant masculinity are the hallmarks of his artistic work and have inspired thousands of people to both successful dancer careers and social dance enjoyment.