Belly Dance
Rasa Vitalia

No previous dance experience necessary! This beautiful dance style is open to all levels and all women, men & teens are welcome. Bring your friends and family! This flowing class is designed to teach all level dancers fluid belly dance movements as you take on mesmerizing and seductive dance moves from Middle Eastern Belly Dance including cabaret, tribal, and other styles. The main aspect of this dance is the strengthening and fluidity of the core muscles and learning to belly dance. No partner necessary. Please wear ballet/dance slippers or socks (barefoot ok.). Hip scarves without coins or glass are ok. No dresses. Wear stretchy, comfortable clothing (like gym/dance clothes) that you can move in. No jeans. No dress pants. Please bring water bottle. All classes are multi-level, but are geared towards beginners and intermediate students. This class includes warm-ups, drills, zills, combos, and drums for a wonderful workout and dance experience!

Rasa Vitalia is a international professional performance dance artist, choreographer, and instructor, putting her artistic creativity and flair in her dance performance. Rasa has over a decade of experience in multiple dance forms, including Near/Middle Eastern, Arabic, Belly Dance, Moroccan/Andalus, Jewish, Turkish, Gypsy, Persian, Sufi, and Afro-Brazilian.

With a strong focus on performance, Rasa Vitalia has performed as a solo artist to audiences in cities throughout the U.S.A., contributed her talents to several troupes, and worked with an array of world-class, international musicians. Rasa Vitalia most often performs with live traditional and blended Middle Eastern world music ensembles including musicians on percussion, string and vocals. Offering her performance talents and innovative ideas to the world, Rasa Vitalia tours as a solo artist as well as with her bands. Rasa Vitalia also teaches workshops in Artistic Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Brazilian Rio Style Samba and meditative somatic dance theory. Rasa Vitalia is based in the USA and is Bi-Coastal which includes California & New York.

Rasa's mastery of sword balance, finger cymbals, veil work, percussive rhythms, mesmerizing and dynamic movement -and ESPECIALLY her visionary concepts and artistic perspective- makes Rasa Vitalia's performance unforgettable. Rasa's contemporary, unconventional, and original take on these traditional and cultural dance forms makes her dance new, exciting, inspired, and fresh. Rasa Vitalia gives a meaningful, passionate, sensitive and generous performance that is true to the heart. Rasa's dance performance moves you, lifts you, and brings you to a higher intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level. Rasa Vitalia is a new artistic culture. This makes her one of the most sought after performers in the world dance music scene and a performance you will never forget.

If you seek highly creative and inspired artistic dance, and wish to experience true art, please support Rasa Vitalia. You will be transformed.

Rasa Vitalia will be performing on the Faith Petric Stage Auditorium 7:40pm Sunday, June 13th with Matthew Monfort.