Introduction to Blues Dancing
Christophe Taylor

Blues dancing is a partner dance that is traditionally danced to blues music and has roots developing alongside it. Unlike many other partner dances, the main focus of the dance is on improvisation and connection with your partner rather than on steps or moves. It is a dance that is danced to the music and to your partner. The basics of the dance are the connection to share with your partner and the movement of your body rather than the movement of your feet. You can do the whole dance without even moving your feet anywhere.

Christophe Taylor has been dancing blues and many other social dances for the past 7 years. In the past four, he has started to teach as well, running workshops and events around the bay area as well as teaching one off classes at events and progressive series classes. He got his start in dancing with the Berkeley Ballroom team, competing in the international syllabus of dancesport, but quickly found his passion in social dances like waltz, blues, swing, Argentine tango, and Irish ceilidh.