Learn to Contra Dance!
Mavis McGaugh

What is Contra Dancing?

"... a high-spirited dance that can be elegant, lively and most importantly, FUN! Based upon Old English and New England country dancing with some aspects of American square dancing blended into it, the dances are danced to Irish, Celtic, Old English, Early American and modern 'traditional' tunes that are played by live bands.

Dances are led by a caller and each dance is taught and walked through before the start of the dance. The dances are a blend of a fairly small group of movements: Allemandes; Stars; Do-Si-Dos; a LOT of Swings; and several other older and modern movements.

Together, the caller and musicians match each dance to the music, and the skill level of the dancers."

Come learn the basics of contra dancing with special attention given to timing and flow. Prepare to dance at the evening contra dance. Understand the phrasing of music with the dance. All dance levels and ages welcome.

Experienced dancers will refine timing and pay attention to style points. No partner necessary. All dances taught and prompted by caller.