Gender-free Contra
Dean Allemang

Traditional contra dancing has two roles: "gentlemen" and "ladies."

Gender-free contra dancing recognizes that which role you prefer to dance at a particular moment has nothing to do your gender. We identify the dance roles as "armbands" and "barearms," (and we have lovely red armbands for you to wear!). Learning to dance gender-free gives you an opportunity to experience the dance from both sides, providing a more well-rounded dance experience. You can change roles during the course of this workshop (or for the brave of heart, during a single dance!) to get the full experience in one short hour.

This workshop starts from the ground up, and does not assume any background in contra dancing, and takes a "learning by doing" approach. You'll spend the whole session dancing as you learn. Since they know how to dance both roles, gender-free dancers grow up to be better dancers, so you'll start off on the right foot in this workshop!