Dances of Old California
Alan Winston & Transit of Earth

In Spanish California, the dons danced popular European dances with a Spanish spin, and their trading partners - New England sailors - brought them dances from the Anglo tradition.  With the Gold Rush, people from all over the world brought their traditions. We'll dance group waltz dances like "Los Empanadas", party dances like "El Coyote", couple dances like the unique Monterey Mazurka and the heel and toe polka, and more.  It will help if you can already do or fake a waltz, but this otherwise a beginner session, probably most suitable for adults and teens.

Alan Winston is the founding caller for the Bay Area English Regency Society (founded in 1985), and leads the dancing at several BAERS balls each year, as well as informal dance parties on the second Friday of most months in Palo Alto.  He's branched out from there into leading other community and historical dances (ECD, contra, English ceilidh, Victorian, early American, early California) , and has achieved national recognition as a caller and choreographer. Alan will lead an English country dance at noon Sunday.

The gifted and accomplished musicians of the newly named Transit of Earth are William Allen, Paul Kostka, Stanley Kramer (and Susan Kramer when she's in town), Craig Martin, Robert Schultheis, and Nancy Solomon. They are veterans of both the Bay Area Country Dance Society and the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, and, can play everything from Classical to English Regency to folk music and beyond. And they know how to play beautifully and effectively for both ballroom dancers and country dancers.