Redowa Waltz ("The Flying Dance")
Tom Hill and Morgan

"The next best thing to flying"

The Redowa (pronounced "RED-doe-wah") has been described as a leaping waltz, but the feeling is more of a fast flowing stream, moving rapidly across the dance floor as it whirls. Those with an excess of energy can dance it with a bouncier, more linear style, that (given room) moves rapidly about the dance floor. Redowa is fun to watch and even more fun to dance.

The dance developed in Bohemia, in the early part of the 19th century, and spread from there to the fashionable ballrooms of Europe and America in the 1840's. Perhaps because of its rare combination of athleticism and romance, the Redowa is enjoying a whole new wave of popularity today.

The Redowa is not a beginning dance, and a knowledge of a turning waltz, and of frame will be very helpful in enjoying this dance to the fullest (Note: In preparation for this class you may want to take either Tom Hill's noon Cross-Step Waltz class or Alex and Cathleen's 1pm Vintage Viennese Waltz class).

Tom Hill has been dancing vintage and modern social dance for over 10 years. He has taught at the Gaskell Ball, the Dickens Fair, and has been teaching at Friday Night Waltz since its inception. He has studied with Richard Powers, Joan Walton and with Diane Jarmolow, at the Ballroom Dance Teacher's College. He also organized the Dance Teaching Lab in Palo Alto, which gave aspiring social dance teachers a place to hone their teaching skills.

Morgan discovered ballroom dancing at the Dickens Fair, and has been dancing even since. She has taught dance to students at Saratoga High and Menlo School, and has been teaching at Friday night Waltz for the last three years.