Barbershop Woodshedding Jam
hosted by Charles Feltman

For those interested in further experience after learning the harmonic structure of barbershop, the woodshedding jam offers a chance to make up harmony to appropriately structured melodies, by listening to a melody first, singing it in unison second, and then taking one of the other three harmony parts within the structure established by the melody.

Charles has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society for 35 years, almost 25 of which as a member of the San Francisco Cable Car Chorus, where he served as President in 2007. He has sung barbershop harmony in choruses with the Oakland/Berkeley, Bay Area Metro Choruses and Voices In Harmony choruses. He has also sung in several quartets, including the Jack London Squires, San Andreas Faults, Grounds Four Da Voice (mixed), Top of the Mark, and Time Be Four (still active). Charles was Assistant Director of the SF Cable Car Chorus for fifteen years and front line Director since 2008. He attended Director's College in 2006 and 2008, and is also an arranger.