Cajun Music Jam
hosted by Blair Kilpatrick & Steve Tabak

Blair and Steve, who play with Bay Area band Sauce Piquante, have been hosting regular Cajun jam sessions in their Berkeley home for the past ten years. In this workshop, they will talk briefly about the basics of traditional Cajun-Creole music, with an emphasis on that all-important loping rhythm that sets it apart from other traditional styles of American dance music. They will lead the group through three representative tunes (a two-step, a waltz, and a shuffle.) Blair plays a D accordion, so tunes will be in the keys of A and D. Steve (who plays fiddle and guitar) will be playing a standard-tuned fiddle. In a traditional band, instruments would include: diatonic accordion, fiddle, guitar, triangle, and sometimes rubboard, bass, and drums. But all are welcome to join in. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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