Scandinavian Music Jam
hosted by Bob Palasek

Waltzes, schottisches, polkas, hambos, walking tunes, and others. Participants will cover tunes from the familiar Scandinavian-American and Scandinavian repertoires. The focus will be on gammaldans (old-time dance) – the music Scandinavians brought with them to the mid west starting in the 1880s. There may be a bygdedans tune (village dance), but we hope to avoid the esoteric.

Bob has started a tune list on the Yahoo Group discussion list:
The list is there so that participants can suggest other favorites to add, starting right now.

Bob Palasek has been following and playing American and northern European fiddling a good long time. He plays in two Scandinavian groups, Christmastime in July, and the Nordahl Grieg Spelemannslag. He also performs as a member of the jug band Amazing Grapes.