Music and Song Workshops

Mandolin Left-Hand Technique (advanced)
Achille & Nicola Bocus
Blues Guitar Accompaniment
Joe Cadora
Traditional Neapolitan Song for singers & instruments
Achille & Nicola Bocus
Russian Folk Songs & Beyond
Jonnie Pekelny
Irish Songs
Amelia Hogan
Hello, This is a Guitar
Juli Moscowitz
In Harmony’s Way a Cappella Singing Session
Amelia Hogan & Deborah Sandler
Song Gems from California’s History
Karen Arlen & Nancie Kester
Songs of –Cide
Arlene Immerman
Acoustic Guitar: Beginning Lead Playing
Mac McCurdy
Contra Dance Band Workshop
Art Peterson & Ann McChesney-Young
Songs of Lee Goland
Marcus Duskin
Bev & Jerry Praver
Songs in Ladino
Mark Levy
A Journey into Cajun & Creole Music
Blair Kilpatrick & Steve Tabak
Sad Songs
Marlene McCall & Sadie Damascus
Barbershop Harmony
Charles Feltman
DADGAD Guitar Chords & Songs
Megan McLaughlin
Understanding the Circle of 5ths
and other common chord structures
Dan Scanlan
How to Build and Play a Washtub Bass
Mugg Muggles
Pick, Pluck, Muffle & Strum:
Advanced Percussive Technique for Ukulele
Dan Scanlan
Harmonica & Guitar: Ideas for Jamming
Myron Grossman & Tom Murray
Daniel Hersh, Carol Denney & Jack Gilder
Beginning Slack Key Guitar & Talk Story
Patrick Landeza
Early Stage Pennywhistle
Dick Bagwell
Beginning Button Accordion
Accordians Provided!
Paul Kostka
Beginning Guitar Theory
Don Murdoch
Fun w/ French Tunes on Mtn. Dulcimer
Peter Tommerup
Gypsy Jazz Guitar – Introduction
Don Price, assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson
Phun with Frasing
Ray Bierl
Gypsy Jazz Guitar – Intermediate & Advanced
Don Price, assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson
Sea Shanties & Forebitters
Richard Adrianowicz & Peter Kasin
Ukulele Chord Studies
Erich Sylvester
Folk-Rock on Film
Richie Unterberger
Gospel Singalong
Faith Petric
Folk into Rock: Dylan to Byrds & More
Rose & Jim Hudson
Shape-Note Singing
Gary Breitbard, Peter Ross and Terry Moore
Making Music with Found Objects
Sadie Damascus
TaKeTiNa: Collective Poly-Rhythm Meditation
James Word & Natalie Johl
Traditional Scottish & English Ballads
Sharyn Dimmick & Sadie Damascus
Performance Improvement & Evaluation
Jay Howlett & Rolfe Wyer
Expanding Your Song Repertoire
Shay Black
Works in Progress
Jay Howlett & Rolfe Wyer
Mandolin Lick Exchange
Steve Scott
Performing as a Duo
Jeanie & Chuck
Flash Mob Choir
Tony Elman
  I Think I’ll Put Out a CD
Wendy DeWitt