Ukulele Chord Studies
Erich Sylvester

This workshop will begin with some basics for beginners, but will also present some challenging songs for homework. Songs will be used as studies of 2-chord songs, 3-chord songs, 4-chord songs, etc. Please tune your ukes to GCEA before class. Baritone ukes are tuned differently, so the chord charts will not be useful for baritone players. If you have a portable music stand, bring it; there's no guarantee that the classroom will have desks or tables. Several songs will be distributed in paper copies.

Erich Sylvester likes to sing all kinds of songs with a ukulele. His newest CD is a collection of hapa haole Hawaiian pop/jazz songs featuring four virtuoso steel guitar players. The CD is under the band name Hot Steel & Cool Ukulele. The band will perform the CD songs on Saturday at 5:00 pm on the Lead Belly Stage (room #333).