Understanding the Circle of 5ths & Other Common Chord Structures
Dan Scanlan

This workshop focuses on common chord sequences found in all kinds of music and the underlying dynamics that make them work. Folks who have been to this workshop have said it gave them their first real understanding of what the "circle of fifths" is all about. This is not a lecture, it's a participatory play along. Bring your stringed instrument. This workshop is for those who already know how to play chords and want to expand their understanding and ability to feel where a song is going or to embellish their own songwriting.

Dan Scanlan lives on the Yuba River in Nevada City CA and can be found in cyberspace at www.coolhanduke.com. A ukulele performer since 1961 he currently performs solo, leads the quartet Cool Hand Uke and the Enablers, and directs the 30-member Strum Bums Ukulele Orchestra in Grass Valley CA. He recently released his newest CD, "Ah, Rajão", performed solo on the instrument that is the forerunner of the ukulele.