Gypsy Jazz Guitar: Intermediate & Advanced
Don Price, assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson

This workshop will be geared towards intermediate to advanced players. Don will break down this style into six basic chord types, and their applicable scales. Then, over each of the chord types, we will apply five soloing approaches for each applicable scale. These include scale/modes, pentatonic/blues, triads/arpeggios, intervals/sequences, and chromaticism/target tones. The solos will be broken down and explained from the standpoint of the theory of the lines across the chord changes, right hand picking techniques, left hand fingering and position on the neck, and the overall emotional arc of the solo improvisation. The student taking this class should leave with a better understanding of Django's improvisational process.

Don Price is the lead guitarist for Jazz Gitan, a gypsy swing guitar based trio performing the music of Django Reinhardt and contemporary Gypsy Jazz. As a music educator and professional musician, Don has over 35 years experience and two books to his credit. He was a faculty member for GAC (Guitar Activity Center) and is on the recommended teachers list at the University of Southern California. Don has worked with numerous artists, including B. B. King, Al DiMeola, Simon Planting, and many others. As a part of the original Djangofest event started in Washington, Don created the popular 3,000+ members Yahoogroup called "gypsyjazzguitar" to network with players and fans interested in this high energy form of acoustic swing-jazz. As a result, Don has gained insight from instruction from some top gypsy players such as Robin Nolan, Stochelo Rosenberg, Paul Mehling and others. Don is currently working on his third book on gypsy jazz.

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