Gospel Singalong
Faith Petric

This is a "Go around the circle and everyone take a turn" type of workshop. If you have one, please bring a favorite gospel/hymn and be prepared for the key in which you'll lead it. If you really feel you can't lead, just make it as a request and ask for a volunteer leader. Fairly familiar tunes that most everyone would know are the most fun and lead to the best harmonies. Church songs are like sea shanties in that they encourage singers to open their mouths and let those glorious sounds roll out! What a way to start a singing day!

Early gospel tunes came from "behind the hedge rows", popular melodies folks would know shifted to support Godly words. Then Joe Hill and his like took the popular hymn tunes for union and other progressive messages. Now Unitarians are parodying union songs and getting the tunes back into their churches. So a good melody goes round and round! Use them for your own compositions, keep them alive!

Faith was born in a log cabin near Orofino, Idaho, on September 13, 1915. Her father was a Methodist minister and she grew up singing hymns, later cowboy songs and "heart" songs popular in the early 1900s. "I'm still addicted to these" she says, and to contemporary songs of social conscience concerns as well as all kinds of folk songs, old and new. She is a member of the Board of the San Francisco Folk Music Club and sponsors bi-weekly song swaps and jams at her home in San Francisco. Information at 415 661 2217.