TaKeTiNa: Collective Poly-Rhythm Meditation
James Word, assisted by Natalie Johl

TaKeTiNa is a group rhythm meditation process that has been refined for over 40 years. TaKeTiNa unlocks your innate rhythmic abilities, and provides a mirror into your innermost world. Participants are guided into the most powerful aspects of embodied music: rhythm, natural singing, and movement.

Accessible and engaging for any level of ability, the workshop is appropriate for any mature age (teens to adults). No experience is necessary. Please arrive early. Doors may be closed at 12:10 in order to maintain a coherent group focus.

The workshop will be led by James Word, the most highly-trained TaKeTiNa teacher in North America. He conducts public and private classes, workshops, and retreats throughout California. For more information see www.rhythminaction.com or call (415) 425-9537.