This is a Guitar
Juli Moscovitz

This workshop is for total beginners. I will literally start with the phrase "This is a guitar!" No one will be left behind!!! We will have chord diagrams for the easiest beginner level, and songs to go with them. Everyone will leave the class being able to sing and play at least one song, and probably more! This class is best for ages 9 and up, nobody is too old!

You will need:

  • A guitar, (You can borrow one if you don't own one, it needs to have all of its strings, but it doesn't have to be in tune)
  • A pencil (So you can bite on it when you can't believe how great this is!)
  • A good attitude (Leave "I can't do this" at the door, here you can and you will!)

Picks are optional, no amplifiers please, but future rock stars are welcome. (Tell your manager to come later)

If you are able to do so, it would be a great idea to purchase the song book "Rise Up Singing" from the festival sales table. It has many easy popular songs that are super fun to play.

Julianne Moscovitz is a long time public and private school teacher and musician. She has offered this workshop for decades and hundreds of kids and adults have had great fun with it. Juli teaches orchestra and band in public and charter schools, and offers private music lessons for all ages on most instruments. Piano, guitar and autoharp are a specialty, and she also offers private lessons on band and orchestral instruments.

You can contact her at