Songs of Lee Goland
Marcus Duskin

In the 1990s San Francisco coffeehouses featured a plethora of local singer/songwriters, who performed original songs filled with angst, alienation and identity issues. The best of these performers was the late Lee Goland, political activist/atheist/anarchist/homosexual, whose brilliant lyrics and catchy tunes extended the genre to include topics such as social justice, anti-imperialism and gay liberation. His most famous song “Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs” was covered by Dave Lippman, the Austin Lounge Lizards and Folk This!, among others. Lee, who disappeared in 2000 and presumably died from AIDS, was well known in the “anti-hoot” coffeehouse music scene. He was also an active member of the Freedom Song Network.

In this workshop we will sample as many of Lee’s songs as we can fit into the hour. Song sheets will be provided to participants. If you would like an advance copy you can e-mail Marcus at

To find out more about Lee Goland and his music, visit the website You can also listen to Lee’s songs on YouTube, in particular the memorial concert two years ago at La Pena Cultural Center featuring Bernard Gilbert, Ian Butler and Mark Silverman, all of whom knew and performed with Lee. Just go to and enter “Lee Goland” in the search box.

Marcus Duskin is a native San Franciscan who performs in musicals and operas, writes plays for children, and started the acoustic band “Folk This!”, which performs a wide range of protest songs.