Sad Songs
Marlene McCall & Sadie Damascus

In the universe of songs, sad songs hold a special place. The stories they tell are moving and blue, and the melodies are poignant, in a minor key (usually!) If you’re a sucker for a sad song, come to this saddest of song swaps. Share your favorite songs of heartbreak, betrayal, loss, melancholy, grief, unrequited love, sorrow, and star-crossed lovers. Any genre, any style, sing a cappella or accompanied.

Marlene McCall is an active member of the San Francisco Folk Music Club and an avid believer in the power of participatory music to bring people together. An enthusiastic singer with eclectic tastes, she sings traditional British & American songs (especially ballads), rock & roll, jazz standards, 50s-60s-70s pop, folk and acoustic music.

Sadie Damascus grew up hearing ballads on records, mainly, in rural Vermont. She collects new and different versions of lots of ballads, and delights in synopsizing the story before singing it, to enhance understanding. She lives on the Russian River, where she copy-edits, grows herbs, and reads stories Sunday nights on Radio KGGV (streaming at