Beginning Slack Key Guitar & Talk Story
Patrick Landeza

Want to learn slack key? Are you just beginning? This class is for the beginner, focusing on technique and how to develop the slack key sound. We will work on the open G tuning (Taro Patch Tuning) and touch on slack key scales, and licks, which will lead to a song. You should have basic knowledge of guitar.

Award-winning musician, composer, producer, Patrick Kahakauwila Kamaholelani Landeza is considered a leading exponent of the Hawaiian slack key style. Born and raised in Berkeley to Hawaii-born parents, Patrick picked up guitar while in high school and learned from the style’s best players. A protégé of the Hawaiian slack-key masters, Landeza has dedicated his life to sharing this art form with the world. At 34, he was the youngest recipient of the prestigious Kapalakiko Aloha Spirit award for his work with slack key. His recent release, Ku`u Honua Mele (My Music World), received the 2010 Hawaii Music Award for Best Slack Key album.

Landeza is the founder of The Institute of Hawaiian Music and Culture and is responsible for planting the seeds for many Hawaiian music performers and concert tours. “I remember when I was growing up in Berkeley, you couldn’t find Hawaiian music, now it’s everywhere,” Landeza says.

Landeza continues to tour, performing and teaching slack key. For more information go to or