Folk into Rock: Dylan to Byrds & More
Rose & Jim Hudson

Folk into Rock will consist of folk songs that have been reworked into rock songs. Some of the songs include traditional folk like Midnight Special, which was made famous by Johnny Rivers as a rock classic. Hey Joe was a folk tune recorded by folk artist Tim Rose and reworked into a rock classic by Jimi Hendrix. Morning Dew and If I Had A Hammer will be covered, as well as several other songs. The Dylan to Byrds song transition will also be explored.

Music historians and those interested in the development of one genre into another will want to attend this workshop. Attendees are welcome to bring guitars and rhythm instruments to play along or even take a lead if so inclined.

Rose & Jim Hudson were members of the South Bay Folk Club and the San Francisco Folk Club for many years. They have taught a variety of workshops and play keyboard and guitar. Rose is author of several e-books on music trivia which are available on Kindle and the Apple Store under her pen name Melody Rose. Jim tutors beginning guitarists on lead and chord progression. They'd like to share their love of music with you.