Harp Showcase
Patrice Haan & Jacqueline Lynaugh

Show and tell! Harps are found, in one form or another, throughout the world, in more sizes and shapes than almost any other instrument. We’ll look at and listen to two different diatonic (do-re-mi) harps. Jacqueline Lynaugh, aka The Blue Fairy, is a storyteller whose wire-strung clarsach replicates the harp played by the Irish and Scottish harpers of the old Gaelic order. Workshop facilitator, Patrice Haan, plays a levered harp that might be described as Neo-Celtic with gothic influences.

Come hear music old and new played upon the most lovely of instruments!

As well as playing therapeutic music with Healing Muses, a non-profit that provides music for healing in local hospitals, Patrice Haan has just completed a second album of original songs for harp, piano, voice and other instruments. Bluest Blue will be available for sale at the festival, hot off the press! Her tunes are often described as "beautiful, gorgeous, poetic and evocative, healing our souls and our heartache with the palpable love and the poetry of the music." Besides her intuitive and poetic harp compositions, Patrice is best known for her sultry and seductive vocal performances with Tony Marcus in the Oakland-based jazz ensemble Leftover Dreams (which can be seen at the Festival Sunday at 5 p.m.)

Visit Patrice’s sites at www.patricehaan.com, www.leftoverdreams.com and www.healingmuses.org

Jacqueline Lynaugh is a member of SAAC (The Storytelling Association of Alta California) and has performed and sung at parties, schools, and amusement parks on the East and West Coasts as well recently performing for several private engagements in Europe. Her teaching credits include the Fort Mason Center for the Arts Young Performers Theatre, Parks & Recreation in both San Francisco and Oakland Children's Fairyland. As well as studying the clarsach with Ann Heymann, Violaine Mayor of Hent Telenn Breizh, and Margie Butler of Golden Bough, Jacqueline is currently training as a bedside harper with California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She has one CD of stories and music entitled Tales From the Ends of the Earth & Beyond.

Visit Jacqueline’s site at http://www.musicalfolklore.freeservers.com