Press Kit

Media Resource Center for THE SAN FRANCISCO FREE FOLK FESTIVAL - now in its 35th year!

Greetings, working media. This page is designed specifically to provide you with the additional info and resources you need to tell the world about the SFFFF!

Online Press Kit:  Public Service Announcements (text for radio): 
* Contact info for / interviews with performers and organizers
Available by request to qualifying media.

* Legal size
* Letter size (dance)
* Letter size poster (color) (B&W)

Press Releases:
* 35th Annual Free Folk Festival

Public Service Announcements (text for radio): 

Also available:
* MySpace page (music samples)

Some of these are available on the links in the outline above; others will be appearing on these pages in the coming weeks as the excitement builds to the festival. In the meantime, e-mail anytime and we'll be back to you within hours. Feel free to just check in with us if you would like to receive further updates as info develops.

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