Advertising in the SFFFF printed program

Approx 1,700 copies of the program will be printed and distributed for free over the 2012 festival weekend.

It is printed in monochrome on white stock. Grayscales may be used, but reproduction accuracy not guaranteed.

Each page of the program is 11" high and 8.5" wide.

Click here to see ad sizes and rates.

Please email final artwork to I can scale as needed. Design services are not included in these prices, but may be available at additional cost. Would like a single PNG, JPEG or TIFF file. Do not use Stuffit, Winzip, or anything else to compress it. 300ppi+ recommended.

Location within the final program cannot be guaranteed.

Final artwork is due by Monday, June 4, 2012. Otherwise you may not be included.

Make checks payable to San Francisco Folk Music Club and mail to Marlene McCall, 432 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94609.