Mainly Malvina
Ed Silberman & Dale Boland
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 1:00 pm
Malvina Reynolds Room

The Malvina Reynolds Room is named for the person who wrote: "Everybody says, 'sit down, sit down.' But I can't sit down and I can't sit down, 'cause my feet are all full of dance-around." Come enjoy a selection of Malvina's delightful songs for the very (and not-so-very) young, along with some enchanting storytelling.

Dale Allen Boland studied Orff-Schulwerk-Music and Movement for Children at Mills College and Sound+Music Healing at CIIS. She has led musical activities for Bay Area folks of all ages -- especially the very young and the very old -- for many years. Join Dale to Sing Your Way Home on Wednesday afternoons at the Albany Public Library. For more information:

Ed Silberman's engaging storytelling, lively harmonica playing, and resonant singing have made him a favorite of youngsters in the Bay Area. And oldsters, too. For more information, please call Ed at 510-655-7087.