The Singing Act Gone Wrong
Doris Williams
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 3:00 pm
Malvina Reynolds Room

Lady Doris and Sir Mike with their singing and dancing puppets! Sing some great old children's songs with Daniel Tiger, Donald Duck, Fozzie Bear and ladybug in "The Singing Act Gone Wrong"; join Ollie the Octupus in singing "Octupus' Garden"; watch Stuart the Snail do a dance; hear Molly Malone wax eloquently in her English accent; see Day-Glo, the puppet with the dangly legs, who sometimes is not so nice; and hear a unicorn singing the Unicorn Song.

Doris Williams enjoys performing celtic, renaissance, jazz, and spiritual music with her lute and Celtic Rose Band. When her son William was young, she performed puppet shows, giving William a role in her Noah's Ark show. She performed for birthday parties and preschools, and has resurrected her act with some new puppets with her musical partner Mike Bell. Ms. Williams also teaches piano, singing, and choir to adults and children in the peninsula, and also has a senior citizen choir! Ms. Williams received two music degrees in vocal music from Michigan and Stanford University. Check out her website at which shows performances of her renaissance, celtic, and spiritual music, and her teaching.