Dances of al-Andalus: Court dance from the Golden Age of Islamic Spain
Janine Ryle
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 1:00pm
Dance 1 -- Room 226

The popular image of al-Andalus, after hundreds of years, remains utopian. It was a time when Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together through varying degrees of cooperation and good will. However, the vision the era evokes is one of peace, opulence, cross-cultural collaboration, and a phenomenal outpouring of the creative arts. This dance style reflects the elegance of the Alhambra court, and uses small chiffon scarves to emphasize flowing arm movements.

Janine Ryle, co-director of Danse Maghreb, is an Ethnic dance performer and event producer. Her early training in the arts was in music and international folkloric dance. She has studied classical and folkloric Egyptian, North African folkloric and classical Andalusian, Amazigh (Berber), Turkish Rom and Oryental, Persian, Uzbek, Tajik, Bokharan and Afghan dance. Janine has performed with Ballet Afsaneh, Hahbi 'Ru Dance Ensemble and Magana Baptiste's San Francisco Royal Academy of Oriental Dance, at the DeYoung Museum, The Palace of Fine Arts, McKenna Theater, Rosicrucian Museum Theater, Mexican Heritage Plaza, Marin Showcase Theater, Stanford University and UC San Francisco. She currently teaches North African dance in San Francisco. Janine has produced Ethnic music and dance performances and fundraisers in the Bay Area since 1999.