Argentine Tango
Gigi Jenson
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 3:00pm
Dance 2 -- The North Gym

Argentine tango is the original - the one that spawned all the rest. It is based on the 'abrazo' (embrace) and la caminata (walking); everything else is a variation. You'll learn to express the music with a variety of basic moves which can offer fascinating improvisational possibilities.

Patricia "Gigi" Jensen has danced Argentine tango for 15 years. She assists maestro Pampa Cortes in his classes. She has taught for tango for 7 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, in various US states, and several times in Guatemala. Jensen is a member of Ballet Pampa Argentina, and partners Cortes in the Argentine folkloric dances. She is founder and director of Tango & More Argentine Dance.