Bal Musette: Paris Cafe dancing of 1920 to 1940
Karen Tierney & Rex Rabin
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 3:00pm
Dance 1 -- Room 226

Bal Musette was brought to Paris during the industrial revolution by the working class county folk of France. It's a collection of dances under this title, some of which are Waltz, Mazurka, Java, Tango and Le One Step. This unique close embrace dance has easy petite steps and does not travel too much. Historically, Bal Musette has strong associations with the street gangs of Paris in the 1920 to 1940. Originally, it was a dance of the 'people' and was only danced by high society when they were ...slumming it.

This one hour class will briefly cover three of the dances under the title of Bal Musette and incorporate them into a simple choreography. We will show the fun and unique styling of the dance and urge the participants to become working class Parisians for the hour! Being able to dance a waltz rhythm will help but will also be briefly taught

Karen Tierney has been studying, performing and teaching Bal Musette in France and the U.S. for many years. As one of the historic dances she has taught ranging from 1800 to 1950, the dances of the early 20th century are her favorites. Karen has taught for Friday Night Waltz, Ashkenaz, Stanford summer work shops, and privately. Karen was an early member of Dance Libre and now performs mid-19th century salon dancing with the Alameda Vintage Dancers in the Alameda Civic ballet's performance of the Nutcracker. Karen's long career as a professional designer and her interest in historic dance have lead her to a new profession of designing, producing and restoring historic and historically inspired evening and ball gowns.

Rex Rabin has been assisting Karen in teaching Bal Musette for 2 years. He has a strong background in Ballet, having once studied with world-famous choreographer Michael Smuin, and has been recently concentrating on historic dance, performing with both the Alameda Vintage Dancers and the Fezziwig Dance Party at the Dickens Christmas Fair. Karen and Rex have also performed Mid-century Victorian dance in the Alameda Civic Ballet's Nutcracker for the past 7 years.