Dance Workshops A to Z

Appalachian Clogging
Yael Schy
Learn some down-home fancy footwork - one of the most traditional American folk dance forms.
Argentine Tango
Gigi Jenson
An introduction to the most romantic couple dance of all! Gigi, a long-time assistant and teaching partner of the legendary tango master Pampa Cortes and an experienced tango instructor in her own right, will guide you through the basics.
Argentine Tango
Carol Hom
A workshop in this romantic couple dance, starting with the basics and suitable for beginners but with some intermediate variations.
Bal Musette: Paris Cafe dancing of 1920 to 1940
Karen Tierney & Rex Rabin
The unique close-embrace couple dances of the working class Parisian dance halls and cafes. Historically, Bal Musette has strong associations with the street gangs of Paris in the 1920 to 1940. Originally, it was a dance of the 'people' and was only danced by high society when they were ...slumming it.
Bavarian Schuhplattling
Remington Stone
Schuhplattling is a fun and extremely energetic German folkdance style suitable for anyone who jump up and down and reach their knees. The class will start with the basics so neither experience nor lederhosen are required.
Beginning Irish Step Dancing: The "Building Block" System
Shirleigh Brannon
An introduction to the lively, graceful footwork popularized in the musicals "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance."
Christophe Taylor
A slow and highly improvisational partner dance, danced to both traditional and modern Blues music. Unlike many partner dances, the main focus of the dance is on improvisation and connection with your partner rather than on steps or moves.
Bollywood Fire
Sarchev Archana
Bollywood is India's answer to the classic Hollywood movie musicals. The dance styles in this workshop are inspired mostly from Indian classical and folk styles such as Bhangra and Rajasthani and some hip-hop.
Classic Egyptian Style Belly Dance Class
Classic Egyptian belly dance taught by the director of the Sausan Ensemble of Egyptian dance. Participants will learn the rhythms of Egyptian dance and movements ranging from the most basic to advanced.
Contra Dance
Ric Goldman
Originating in New England and developed from English Country Dance, these elegant, energetic, and fun couple line dances, with their whirling partner swings, are danced in long sets and taught and led by a caller. With their symmetrical patterns, they have also been called "Dances for Engineers," but are easy for anyone to pick up.
Cotswold Morris Dancing
Berkeley Morris
Morris dancing is a form of ritual folkdance that comes from the Cotswold region in western England. It is ritual as opposed to social dance-that is, its purposes go beyond fun, although it also is fun. Danced to both traditional and modern music, sometimes with handkerchiefs, sometimes with sticks, Morris dance may be part of the universal urge to influence and honor the unknowable forces that govern our lives.
Cross-Step Waltz
Tom Hill & Morgan
A beautiful slow waltz from the 1920's, rediscovered by Richard Powers of Stanford University in the 1990's, and now enjoying a huge wave of international popularity. The footwork is easy but there are endless opportunities for improvisation and for lead-follower role reversal.
Dances of al-Andalus: Court dance from the Golden Age of Islamic Spain
Janine Ryle
From the golden age of Islam in Spain, this is an elegant court-like dance style that uses small chiffon scarves to emphasize flowing arm gestures.
Dances of Jane Austen
Alan Winston
English social dancing during the lifetime of Jane Austen (1775-1817) included English Country Dances (couple dances performed in longways sets), Cotillions (direct ancestor of the square dance), and beautiful Waltz Country Dances. Learn some of Jane's favorite dances, clearly taught and called. Live music by Transit of Earth.
Dances of Universal Peace
Yaquin Sufi & Perry Pike
Simple cross-cultural community circle dances with singing which honor all of the world traditions in order to develop understanding and peace between all of the world cultures.
Early American Modern Dance
John Faiello
An introduction to the Isadora Duncan school of Modern Dance, which revolutionized classical dance in the 20th century. Emphasizing natural, unfettered movement, Modern Dance is danced in bare feet and, ideally, with loose, flowing, comfortable clothing.
English Country Dance
Ric Goldman
A wonderfully fun, modernized version of Jane Austen's favorite dance style. Danced in lines of couples or in short sets, circles, or squares, English Country Dances are taught and called by a caller so no dance experience is necessary. With their symmetrical patterns, they have been called "Dances for Engineers," but they are easy, and enjoyable dances for everyone!
French Country Dance
Gary Breitbard
Lively Bourrees and couple dances of the French countryside, danced to a rousing live band playing authentic traditional French dance music.
Hungarian/Transylvanian Dance
Todd Wagner
Exciting and improvisational traditional dances - most of them couple dances. There is no choreography. The man leads and the woman follows just like in ballroom dancing.
International Folk Dances
Gail Barton
Learn the dances for tonight's folk dance party. These are party folk dances for all ages taught by Gail herself and members of her talented folk dance team.
Irish Ceili
Bob Carragher
Pub dancing, Irish style - energetic, with a social twist, danced to both traditional Irish music and modern Celtic fusion rock.
Irish Set Dancing
John Slaymaker
Often danced in Irish pubs, these are social dances in groups of four (or sometimes two!) couples, danced to every sort of Irish tune you can imagine -- reels, jigs, slides, hornpipes, polkas, waltzes, even marches! With a caller to teach and call the steps, these are dances for everyone.
Israeli Dance
Yale Rosenblatt
Communal dances of God, the people, and the land. The dances are easy enough for everyone to learn yet interesting enough to enjoy. If you can walk, you can dance!
Latin Dance (Salsa Emphasis)
Ken Chin
Put some sizzle and style into your Salsa with this Latin Dance workshop that will also emphasize effective partnering.
Old California Dance
Jim Letchworth
The gracious but lively social dances of Spanish-California danced to live music. Jim will teach both couple dances and set dances while introducing us to the courtly manners of the early 19th century American ballroom.
Polish Dance
Mary Kay Stuvland
Polish national dances of the nobility, beginning with the simple, stately, elegant Polonez and continuing with the vivacious and more challenging Mazurka. The Polonez is easily mastered and students with less energy may choose to take only the first part of the class. Those staying for the Mazurka will be comfortable if they can maintain a light running step for up to 2 minutes
Ragtime at Downton Abbey
Cathleen Myers & Alex Lerman
Dance the wild, scandalous, and refreshingly easy couple dances of the Ragtime era (1910-1920): The lively One-Step and Castle Walk, the elegant One-Step Tango, and "that dreadful Fox-Trot." Music by Transit of Earth.
Sacred Drumming, Singing, & Dancing
V.J. Mohan
This workshop combines three art forms: Drum, sing, and dance, celebrating the divine in all.
Scottish Country Dance
The Dunsmir Country Dancers
The classic ballroom dances of Scotland. Live music and friendly teaching by the Dunsmir Country Dancers - one of the finest Scottish dance performance ensembles.
Scottish Country Dance for Children
Mary McQuilliams
For children and young teens, this class in the lively but graceful country dances of Scotland is fun in itself and also a good preparation for the Dunsmir Country Dancers' 3pm Scottish Country Dance Class on Sunday, June 10.
Vintage Coast Swing
Rebecca Shannon, Matt Horrigan, and the Quake City Jug Band
Rebecca and Matt from the City College Hot Bloods will get you on your feet and dancing to the latest swing moves of the 1920's and 30's to the exhilarating live music of the Quake City Jug Band. It may be possible to listen to them and not start dancing, but we wouldn't bet on it.
Waltzing at Downton Abbey
Cathleen Myers & Alex Lerman
Spend a blissful hour of Edwardian waltzing, as danced both Upstairs and Downstairs at Downton Abbey. We will dance the beautiful, whirling rotary waltz, the smooth Hesitation Waltz, and the Waltz Veleta - a grand Edwardian waltz mixer. Live Music by Transit of Earth.
Yoga Warm-ups for Dancers
Devi Baptiste
Stretches for greater flexibility strength and relaxation that can be applied to belly dance (dance oriental), focusing on graceful fluid arm and hand work, full body undulations, backbends and turns
Jane Xavier Dougherty
Warm up for a dance of dancing and get your blood pumping with an aerobic, Latin-inspired workout with Jane, a celebrated Bay Area dance teacher/choreographer and licensed Zumba instructor.
Dana de Simone & Lisa Lee
The joyous couple dances of Louisiana danced to some of the most infectious dance music ever!