Classic Egyptian Style Belly Dance Class
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 1:00pm
Dance 2 -- The North Gym

The class begins with describing how the Egyptians hear and keep the beat of the music and how/why it is completely different from the way the West hears and keeps the beat of the music. Participants are then invited to move in the basic and elementary way that this beat is heard and kept by Egyptians. Classic Egyptian Style belly dance movement is then applied to this basic and fundamental dance core movement. Participants will learn the most basic to advanced of belly dance movements. Egyptian Dance CodeŽ is a registered trademark.

Sausan is a belly dancer of 40 years and a dance instructor since 2000 and has performed all over the world including Antarctica. She owns a dance academy, the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance, and has formed a dance group called the Sausan Ensemble of Egyptian Dance from the graduates of her academy. She and her students have been featured at the deYoung Fine Arts Museum and well as the Palace of Fine Arts several times, most notably at the Eternal Egypt Exhibit and Grand Opening and Grand Finale of the King Tut Exhibit. They have also been a featured performance at the International House at U.C. Berkeley. She also owns her own Egyptian restaurant in San Francisco since 1999 called Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant.