Early American Modern Dance
John Faiello
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 12:00pm
Dance 1 -- Room 226

Early American Modern Dancers of the Twentieth Century were responding in contrast to ballet. Modern Dance is done with bare feet and liberates the torso. John will cover some dance history, theories, philosophies, dances and exercises of the frontrunners and pioneers of Early American Modern Dance, Doris Humphrey and Isadora Duncan.

Suggested attire: Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, Greek tunics or fabric that flows with the music are encouraged; bare feet, tights, and T-shirts; layers of clothing so that as the body warms, the layers can be removed. No footwear please!

In 1985 John Faiello graduated from State University of New York at Brockport, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dance. While completing his degree, he attended a Dance program at Middlesex Polytechnique in London, England (1983) and a Physical Education program at Chelsea School of Human Movement in Eastbourne, England (1985).

In 1986 he relocated to San Francisco and joined the Isadora Duncan Heritage Society, Artistic Director, Mignon Garland. Then in 1989 again relocated to New York City and joined The Isadora Duncan International Institute, Artistic Director, Jeanne Brescianni. Since graduating in 1985, he has taught Social Dance and Modern Dance in New York, New Jersey and San Francisco.