Yoga Warm-ups for Dancers
Devi Baptiste
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 12:00pm
Dance 2 -- The North Gym

This is a workshop in Yoga Dance warmups - stretches for greater flexibility, strength, and relaxation that can be applied to the dance and lead into belly dance (dance oriental), focusing on graceful fluid arm and hand work, full body undulations, backbends and turns.

Devi is a 2nd generation of the dance and 3rd generation of yoga daughter of Walt and Magana Baptiste of the San Francisco Royal Academy of Oriental Dance and Yoga, one of the first schools in S.F. Devi has been Assistant Director of the International S.F. Belly Dance Festival for 20 years. She began performing as a child, taught as pre-teen, has danced at the S.F. Opera House with the Ballet and many other shows, and has performed on television and in films. She has taught at the College of Marin, the J.C.C. in San Francisco, and at many fitness clubs and studios.

Devi continues to teach, perform, costuming,choreography, research, write and travel.