Danse Maghreb
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 5:00pm
Faith Petric Stage
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Danse Maghreb's mission, since its inception in 2003, is to present the music and dance of North Africa and al-Andalus in culturally authentic and respectful performances. The company members have many years of performance experience, and share a love of North African dance. Danse Maghreb is regularly invited to perform for the Bay Area Amazigh ("Berber") community.

Our SF Free Folk Festival presentation features the elegant dance style performed in the courts of al-Andalus, Islamic Spain. From there we go to a contemporary interpretation of Lama Bada, a 500-year-old Andalusian Jewish melody which is still danced to today. Finally, we present a Moroccan Schikkat suite, much as it would be performed at a family gathering or wedding.

The performers will include Janine Ryle, Jasmyn Mabalatan-Weissman, Amy Gilbert, and Monica Berini.