Dogwatch Nautical
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 9:00pm
Faith Petric Stage

The Dogwatch Nautical Band was formed in 1978 as a re-creation of a mid-19th century sailors' band: Large sailing ships often had a number of musicians within the crew who, during long voyages, would entertain the crew and any passengers who might be aboard with music ranging from sea chanteys (work songs) and foc'sle songs to hymns, dance tunes, and popular music hall numbers.

Over the years we have performed live on three Bay Area radio stations, including Sedge Thompson's "West Coast Live" during the years it aired on KQED FM. We have performed for museum events, yacht clubs, festivals, weddings and a brief live TV appearance on KPIX, Channel 5, during the Golden Gate Bridge 50th Birthday Celebration. In addition to our land-based performances the band has also entertained many times on a variety of large sailing vessels on the Bay, including the State of California's official tall ship, The Californian, and the 1891 scow schooner, Alma, from the San Francisco National Maritime Historic Park's collection of historic ships.